Malta: Southern Europe’s Best Kept Secret (Part II)

Forbes - 21 Apr 2016

When on an excursion to the Dingli Cliffs, I stopped for a flavorful fresh lunch made with local produce at Diar il-Bniet in Dingli. A delicious soup called Soppa tal-Armla bil-Ġbejna Friska tan-Nagħaġ u Bajda was rather amusingly translated as 'Widow’s soup with fresh cheeselet and poached egg'.

Delicious local food on the Maltese islands

Follow my Footprints - 30 Jun 2016

Malta and Gozo, two Mediterranean islands between Sicily and North Africa, where the food must be good, right?Well, indeed. Maltese cuisine is similar to that of other Mediterranean islands, with plenty of pure ingredients and delicious local food, but it also has Sicilian, Arabic and English influences and is therefore just slightly different.


Fin For Fought - 10 Oct 2015

Having just wrapped the last shot for the week, me and the team headed for a late lunch at Diar il-Bniet, an independent, organic restaurant in an area where most locals make a living from selling their crops at local markets.

Malta Delicious

Silkdrops - 2 Apr 2014

A little flashback from my short trip to Malta. I would like to share with you few pics from this amazing and typical Malta place which is Diar il-Bniet and wonderful time we’ve spent there.

Kris Rusajczyk: Where Taste Meets Tradition

There was no better choice than grab a full frame camera Sony Alpha 99 and 2 lenses: Minolta AF 50mm f/1.7 and Tamron SP 90mm f/2.8 Di Macro. As the evolved BIONZ processor gives the α99 model a maximum sensitivity range, we could use high ISO (500-800) and focus on details with natural midday light.