Educational School Outings

The most exciting part about our educational outings is the fact that we make the children use all their senses. We understand the fun element is a factor and we do so by getting the children to interact.


Kids Summer Activities

Our Kids Summer Events programme at Diar Il-Bniet encompasses fun, education and life skills. A wonderful opportunity for children to experience hands on and interactive events. Out in the country air or at our premises at Diar Il-Bniet there is a wide variety of events to choose from starting with our Lemon Grove Tours to our crafting skills programme.


Kids Summer Cookery Courses

This is the best way to let your kids get creative with cooking whist keeping your kitchen clean. Enroll them in a hands-on class where they will learn useful cooking skills that will last them a lifetime – from healthy ways of creating a beef burger, to baking pies and decorating cup cakes. This is possibly the best and most creative use of your kids summer holidays and getting yourself out of making them lunch.


Teen Summer Cookery Course

During this fun 6-week course teenagers will have the opportunity to master the fundamentals of cooking, enjoy working alongside classmates whilst learning different cooking techniques – from the different ways to cooking seasonal veggies to making a traditional ftira and filling ravioli. Make the most of their summer and enroll your teen in this enriching course that will come in handy throughout life.


Kids Craft Club

As much as possible we encourage the children to use their creative skills by taking them out in the countryside to forage and choose some of the material they will use to create their crafts. We provide the tools and other materials to finish their creation which they will then take home with them. Lunch and drink is provided.

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